Royal Amber

SOLD This piece of neckart contains a magnificent pendant of carved amber from Tibet hanging from a lovely chain strung with seeds form the same area of the world, and enhanced with vermeil sticks from Greece. this is an elegant addition to an evening outfit.

Golden Glow

This necklace is soft and yummy looking, yet is power packed to be worn with confidence. The Amber,coral, agate and carnelian are all entirely different natural treasures, but I feel they share their creative space as though they were forever strung together by Mother Nature in their habitat of origin. Let this one-of-a kind necklace bring out the Goddess in you. This piece is 18″ and has a sterling and abalone clasp. Call or email for price. $410

Candy Stripes

I felt as though I was painting rather than designing a piece of neckart. Everything fell into place visually as to shape ,color, texture, and symmetry. I didn’t have to think about the ingredients. The turquoise, coral, mother of pearl, African bottle glass, and vinyl, seemed to present themslves to share the creative space together. It’s a surprisingly light weight design to brighten up a summer outfit.

Call or email for  price.

Abalone Lei

I can’t seem to get enough of Abalone. It has so much natural shine, and color. I’ve mixed it with coral, turquoise, mother of pearl and jasper to create an ethnic looking piece that looks well with dressy as well as casual clothes. It’s a comfortable statement that’s quiet but packs a punch.  $325

juggler’s trick

This is a take off on the Juggler. There’s more to toss and catch!! Just when you think there are no more tricks, you discover you’re wrong. Have fun with this neckart. Keep it a conversation piece that adds more intrigue to any outfit you wear it with. It’s for pure fun, and good looks.This necklace is 21 inches and contains natural seeds from Hawaii, and Tibet, crystal glass, mother of pearl, amber, wood, smokey topaz, and sterling with a copper clasp.  Call or email for price. All of these stones have been known for their healing powers over the centuries. Price: $430

The Juggler

These are two necklaces that I’ve designed for the coming of Summer. I call the piece to the left, The Juggler (no pun intended!) because the differnet shapes, both circular, and geometric, remind me of a Juggler’s tools of trade. ie Balls, bowling pins, and open triangles. I’ve presented movement, and light-heartedness. Piece two is called “Butter,” and I’ve used Tibetan amber, and Italian glass with amethyst colored crystal. It reminds me of a sunset, when the sun is at its’ most intense. Call or email for price.

Art Fair Fare!!

I spent two days during the Art Fair on Fifth Avenue in front of Julies on Fifth designing and making jewelry. The weather was sunny and very hot, and I was outdoors at my table for about seven hours each day, but I still had a really good time talking to people about my neckart, and I had some very nice sales. This was the first time I’ve done a street fair, and I enjoyed the experience. These are two of the neck pieces I designed while I was working, and am thinking of doing more of the same in the future. I’ve been wanting to try this venue. A number of friends came by. who hadn’t seen me at work before, and they were quite interested in the process, and even took my photo for facebook!! “Thanks for your support!!!! These necklaces have been SOLD to another jewelry designer. Now THAT’S what I call a compliment!

All Amethyst

I think this is a gorgeous neck piece (even if I do say so myself!!) It’s a powerful statement, yet has a delicacy about it. and the combination of Pacific Abalone. hemotite, pearls, chalcedony, agate and amethyst with an amethyst, and sterling clasp is elegant and upscale, adding a touch of importance to any outfit. It’s approximately 20 inches.Call or email for price>

Baltic Amber

I love the look and texture of Amber. I got this beautiful buttery amber in Gadansk Poland when I was lecturing on a cruise into the Baltic. I stumbled upon a shop with a basement filled with baskets of this georgous ancient tree sap, and the shopkeeper drilled a hole in it; so I could use it with my neckart. This double strand of amber and Italian glass is 22 inches. Call or email for price.