Golden Glow

This necklace is soft and yummy looking, yet is power packed to be worn with confidence. The Amber,coral, agate and carnelian are all entirely different natural treasures, but I feel they share their creative space as though they were forever strung together by Mother Nature in their habitat of origin. Let this one-of-a kind necklace bring out the Goddess in you. This piece is 18″ and has a sterling and abalone clasp. Call or email for price. $410

Candy Stripes

I felt as though I was painting rather than designing a piece of neckart. Everything fell into place visually as to shape ,color, texture, and symmetry. I didn’t have to think about the ingredients. The turquoise, coral, mother of pearl, African bottle glass, and vinyl, seemed to present themslves to share the creative space together. It’s a surprisingly light weight design to brighten up a summer outfit.

Call or email forĀ  price.