juggler’s trick

This is a take off on the Juggler. There’s more to toss and catch!! Just when you think there are no more tricks, you discover you’re wrong. Have fun with this neckart. Keep it a conversation piece that adds more intrigue to any outfit you wear it with. It’s for pure fun, and good looks.This necklace is 21 inches and contains natural seeds from Hawaii, and Tibet, crystal glass, mother of pearl, amber, wood, smokey topaz, and sterling with a copper clasp.  Call or email for price. All of these stones have been known for their healing powers over the centuries. Price: $430

Baltic Amber

I love the look and texture of Amber. I got this beautiful buttery amber in Gadansk Poland when I was lecturing on a cruise into the Baltic. I stumbled upon a shop with a basement filled with baskets of this georgous ancient tree sap, and the shopkeeper drilled a hole in it; so I could use it with my neckart. This double strand of amber and Italian glass is 22 inches. Call or email for price.

Evening Bling

I had a wonderful photo shoot with one of my favorite models (who happens to be a good friend)I’m going to be taking more of other friends with my one-of-a -kind neckart, and hope you enjoy their take ond mine on wearing the pieces. Here are two of the photos. The blue necklace is all glass beads. Tthe unusually shaped double strand in earthier tones is constructed of semi precious stones and pearls. Call or email for price.


The owner of my favorite bead store called to say she ‘d just returned to Naples from the Tuscan Bead Show. I ran right down and picked out all these beads. My design just came to me immediately, and I couldn’t wait to put them all together. This is the result. It stands out on it’s own; so it can be worn with a very simple monocolored dress, but I love the mixture of color and pattern, and have shown it with this gorgeous kimono I purchased it and the hat in China in 2003. The necklace is actually versatile enough to look well either way. This double strand of coral, Italian glass, agate druzy and brass has a handblown glass clasp.

Call or email for price.

Falling leaves


Falling Leaves

The elements fell into place (a bad pun!), but in truth, this necklace seemed to design itself, and though composed of many individual beads, and shapes, it became for me a perfect example of my neckart. When this happens, it brings me a great deal of joy, and gratitude. I’ve been asked to duplicate “Falling Leaves”, but the spontaneity wouldn’t be there, as it was this time around, and that’s why I only do one-of-a-kind pieces. The designs remain fresh.
This necklace is SOLD to a lovely buyer from Canada who tried it on, and wouldn’t take it off for me to wrap. She kept it on with a soft pearl gray cashmere sweater, and pair of light blue jeans. She looked great, and very happy which made me happy as well.



I love the buttercup yellow of the jade, and the texture of the mother of pearl,and wooden discs with the crackled agate, Italian glass,and odd shaped salmon colored coral breaking the symmetry.   I wanted a strong statement with the added “girlie detail” of hanging beads near the faceted citrine glass and sterling clasp. This is fun neckart that is a combination of direct and soft which would add an element of surprise to a simple non-collared conservative outfit. It is designed to add punch, and fun. This necklace is

approximately 18”long.    Call or email for price.


This necklace will add a stunning accent to a simple dress or suit. it’s asymetrical shape with double  pendants of Picture Jasper and Carnelian with Turquoise, is sure to get people’s attention and compliments. As with all of my neckart, it’s one-of-a-kind. It will add spice to an evening out, and can change the look of a work outfit, by making a quick change of accessory to go from day to evening in a flash.