I  mentioned that I began as a painter,exhibiting my work in one woman shows in Montecito, California, where I lived for over twenty years. I also exhibited in Scottsdale, Arizona; Miami, Florida; and Naples, Florida; my first one woman exhibition being in Cambridge, England. Though I’m currently concentrating on designing neck art, I consider my paintings the backbone of my creativity in both venues, and feel that they reflect off of one another. The subjects of my paintings come from locations I’ve visited and was profoundly influenced by. ENJOY!

The  acrylic on canvas to the right is the result of a few weeks spent at Ghost Ranch, an hour and 15 minutes NW of Santa Fe. I’d never been to that part of the country, and was astonished by my first glimpse of the powerful red rock near Abiquiu, NM. I’ll never forget how awesome the sight was from the road as I approached the entrance to the ranch. I understood at that moment how and why Georgia O’Keefe ended up living there to paint every aspect of its natural beauty. This painting, entitled “Dawn,” won a cash award for excellence at the Von Leibig Center for the Arts Founders Exhibition in 2010.  (44 inches wide x 32 inches height )  $3,200.

In 2003, My significant other and I took “the trip of a lifetime,” and spent 17 days in mainland China and Hong Kong. I’ve always wanted to go to China because I’ve been eating with chopsticks since I was a young teenager, and many of my friends and business partners have been from Asia. What a treat it was for us both. The sights, sounds and tastes were incredible, as was noticing how westernized the teenagers were in appearance, juxtaposed with their old traditions of family, and ceremonies which are still an important part of their lives. I tried capturing some of these generational differences with all the pagentry and color that I could muster up. It was a phenomonal journey that bears repeating. For awhile I’ll have to bring it all to life in my paintings, and hope you’ll come along for the Rickshaw ride (which are so much fun!). This painting is entitled “Maid (s) in China.” It’s 44 inches w by 55 inches with frame.                 $12,000

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