juggler’s trick

This is a take off on the Juggler. There’s more to toss and catch!! Just when you think there are no more tricks, you discover you’re wrong. Have fun with this neckart. Keep it a conversation piece that adds more intrigue to any outfit you wear it with. It’s for pure fun, and good looks.This necklace is 21 inches and contains natural seeds from Hawaii, and Tibet, crystal glass, mother of pearl, amber, wood, smokey topaz, and sterling with a copper clasp.  Call or email for price. All of these stones have been known for their healing powers over the centuries. Price: $430

Baltic Amber

I love the look and texture of Amber. I got this beautiful buttery amber in Gadansk Poland when I was lecturing on a cruise into the Baltic. I stumbled upon a shop with a basement filled with baskets of this georgous ancient tree sap, and the shopkeeper drilled a hole in it; so I could use it with my neckart. This double strand of amber and Italian glass is 22 inches. Call or email for price.

“Earth Mother”

This is one of my favorite pieces. I found the beads in different locations, and the piece of jade comes from a Tibetan shop in Davis California where I had spent the rest of the day watching one of my surgate grandchildren swim in the Special Olympics being held at the University. I love to just come upon something I’m not especially looking for.  This piece came together that way. It includes: Mother of pearl, African glass, amber, agate, amethyst, jade, yellow turquoise,  carnelian, and Italian glass, with an agate druzy pendant, and a sterling toggle. It goes well with many colors, and feels good to wear. It’s quiet, yet dynamic with the added bonus of not being heavy. It might just be the perfect necklace , but not for the “faint of heart”!  it’s 25 inches.        SOLD on February 27th to a couple with tickets to see Diana Ross at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts,