Latest neck art!  Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing this show-stopper!  I was at Eastern market in DC, and found a woman selling beads. I usually don’t like obviously dyed coral (Now that ox blood coral can’t be legally harvested anymore,most of the deep red is badly dyed), but this blue was so outrageously unnatural, I had to have it for some new pieces such as this one. I’ve included turquoise, bamboo, African beads, and glass, and added a stunning Tibetan pendant to the mix. It’s definately a conversation piece!!     19inches     Call or email for price.

Blue Waters

This is a combination of Agate druzy, Fired Agate, fresh water pearls, and faceted crystal drops with a sterling toggle clasp. The mix of stones, and color reminds me of a calm sea, and shell covered sandy bottom. I like the textured feel of the design, and hope it encourages the wearer to touch the cool stones, and recall a relaxed day at the beach. The necklace is 20 inches. Call or email for price