Earth Garland

A garland of semi-precious stones in a melange of natural creations from Mother Earth of picture jasper, jade, carnelian, onyx, crystal, gold stone, tiger eye, agate, mother-of-pearl with a gold-filled clasp. Enjoy this collaboration of nature and man; a sweet reminder of “The Energy Force.”

17 inches

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Pearls, and more pearls

I bought this Turbo shell without any preconceived idea of how I would “weave” it into one of my neckart designs.  I decided to surround it with  an abundance of pearls as though nestled in a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. I want it to be a dazzling addition to an outfit worn for an important evening out. It’s four strands of fresh water pearls,carnelian, amythest and smokey topaz with a free form gold vermiel toggle clasp make a powerful statement that will be remembered.     Call or email for price.

Royale Jade

Royal Jade

I enjoyed juxtaposing the coral tubes with faceted glass and the pale green carved jade. The textures are an unexpected combination, surprisingly neutral in that the stones go with any number of colors. I found the pendant in a little bead store in Morro Bay, California where I always discover unusual pieces to add to my neck art. The owner is also a gardner,and it’s a pleasure to sit on one of the benches to relax outdoors in the rear of the shop. This is a double strand approximately 20 inches.   Call or email for price.



I love the buttercup yellow of the jade, and the texture of the mother of pearl,and wooden discs with the crackled agate, Italian glass,and odd shaped salmon colored coral breaking the symmetry.   I wanted a strong statement with the added “girlie detail” of hanging beads near the faceted citrine glass and sterling clasp. This is fun neckart that is a combination of direct and soft which would add an element of surprise to a simple non-collared conservative outfit. It is designed to add punch, and fun. This necklace is

approximately 18”long.    Call or email for price.