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The Juggler

These are two necklaces that I’ve designed for the coming of Summer. I call the piece to the left, The Juggler (no pun intended!) because the differnet shapes, both circular, and geometric, remind me of a Juggler’s tools of trade. ie Balls, bowling pins, and open triangles. I’ve presented movement, and light-heartedness. Piece two is called “Butter,” and I’ve used Tibetan amber, and Italian glass with amethyst colored crystal. It reminds me of a sunset, when the sun is at its’ most intense. Call or email for price.

2 responses to “The Juggler

  1. Your jewelry is very beautiful .

    • Hello Margie, Thank you for your compliment about my jewelry. You can’t imagine how it pleased me. I spent time painting at Ghost Ranch in Abique New Mexico years ago, and up until recently, I sold Native American jewelry at Four Winds Gallery in Naples,Fl until the building it was in was torn down for another business venture. I’ve been told my present designs have a South Western Feel, and I’m always honored by a comment like that, because I’m sure that it’s been unconciously a great influence.

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