juggler’s trick

This is a take off on the Juggler. There’s more to toss and catch!! Just when you think there are no more tricks, you discover you’re wrong. Have fun with this neckart. Keep it a conversation piece that adds more intrigue to any outfit you wear it with. It’s for pure fun, and good looks.This necklace is 21 inches and contains natural seeds from Hawaii, and Tibet, crystal glass, mother of pearl, amber, wood, smokey topaz, and sterling with a copper clasp.  Call or email for price. All of these stones have been known for their healing powers over the centuries. Price: $430

The Juggler

These are two necklaces that I’ve designed for the coming of Summer. I call the piece to the left, The Juggler (no pun intended!) because the differnet shapes, both circular, and geometric, remind me of a Juggler’s tools of trade. ie Balls, bowling pins, and open triangles. I’ve presented movement, and light-heartedness. Piece two is called “Butter,” and I’ve used Tibetan amber, and Italian glass with amethyst colored crystal. It reminds me of a sunset, when the sun is at its’ most intense. Call or email for price.