“Fig Newton”

The  Photograph in my headliner at the top of the page, is a 16 inch necklace, designed with carnelian, amber, goldstone, raw citrine, and fresh water pearls The pendant consists of two pieces of Italian glass, which I think look like figs (and I love figs); so hence the name!!

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Pearl, Abalone, and Sterling necklace

I was lucky to discover a shell shop in California that had an unusual collection of  tumbled Pacific Abalone pieces that I purchased to use as pendants for my one-of-a-kind neck art. Unfortunately my bonanza was short lived, since they can no longer get them. I feel that I purchased the most exciting shapes, powerfully using their individual  inate elegant beauty.  I’d like to design more, but apparently this isn’t going to happen unless I’m lucky enough to find others of the same caliber at another location. Enjoy this unique expression of the ocean. This necklace also contains freshwater pearls,pewter, glass, and pacific black pearl oyster shells. It is 26 inches Call or email for price.

Latest neck art!  Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing this show-stopper!  I was at Eastern market in DC, and found a woman selling beads. I usually don’t like obviously dyed coral (Now that ox blood coral can’t be legally harvested anymore,most of the deep red is badly dyed), but this blue was so outrageously unnatural, I had to have it for some new pieces such as this one. I’ve included turquoise, bamboo, African beads, and glass, and added a stunning Tibetan pendant to the mix. It’s definately a conversation piece!!     19inches     Call or email for price.

Blue Waters

This is a combination of Agate druzy, Fired Agate, fresh water pearls, and faceted crystal drops with a sterling toggle clasp. The mix of stones, and color reminds me of a calm sea, and shell covered sandy bottom. I like the textured feel of the design, and hope it encourages the wearer to touch the cool stones, and recall a relaxed day at the beach. The necklace is 20 inches. Call or email for price