My home, My studio

My home is my inspiration and my inspiration is my home. It greets me every morning, and I’m happy to look around and see the semetry of the artistic collage that is my living space. Shape and color put peace in my mind, and I’m ready to create. My life sings in this environment, and bring tears as well as smiles because of the intence joy it brings my soul. I need it to relax, and to enhance my next artistic project.

Sea Scape

I love it, that the colors I’ve been using FOREVER are now fashion statements that I’ve always been attracted too!  All the primary colors separately and together are visible in store windows, living spaces and everywhere in between. They stand for high energy, and the only place they were used up until now and sporadically throughout fashion history was in fast food chains, team colors and the like. This necklace goes perfectly with any of the primary colors, and produces high impact to the viewer. It doesn’t spell out relaxation, but rather excitment and youthfulness. The coral is dyed to an almost florescent blue. This paired with silver, and the gloss of the Abalone shell is natural bling.

(This piece was just SOLD on April 11th. It’s new owner , being from Northern California, Loved the combination of the natural beauty of the Pacific Abalone juxtaposed with the outrageouly dyed blue of the coral branches. She looks great in it)

Evening Bling

I had a wonderful photo shoot with one of my favorite models (who happens to be a good friend)I’m going to be taking more of other friends with my one-of-a -kind neckart, and hope you enjoy their take ond mine on wearing the pieces. Here are two of the photos. The blue necklace is all glass beads. Tthe unusually shaped double strand in earthier tones is constructed of semi precious stones and pearls. Call or email for price.


The owner of my favorite bead store called to say she ‘d just returned to Naples from the Tuscan Bead Show. I ran right down and picked out all these beads. My design just came to me immediately, and I couldn’t wait to put them all together. This is the result. It stands out on it’s own; so it can be worn with a very simple monocolored dress, but I love the mixture of color and pattern, and have shown it with this gorgeous kimono I purchased it and the hat in China in 2003. The necklace is actually versatile enough to look well either way. This double strand of coral, Italian glass, agate druzy and brass has a handblown glass clasp.

Call or email for price.

Falling leaves


Falling Leaves

The elements fell into place (a bad pun!), but in truth, this necklace seemed to design itself, and though composed of many individual beads, and shapes, it became for me a perfect example of my neckart. When this happens, it brings me a great deal of joy, and gratitude. I’ve been asked to duplicate “Falling Leaves”, but the spontaneity wouldn’t be there, as it was this time around, and that’s why I only do one-of-a-kind pieces. The designs remain fresh.
This necklace is SOLD to a lovely buyer from Canada who tried it on, and wouldn’t take it off for me to wrap. She kept it on with a soft pearl gray cashmere sweater, and pair of light blue jeans. She looked great, and very happy which made me happy as well.

Sandi attending formal function in new neck art design

Royal Amber

This piece started with the pendant. I fell in love with the carved two-sided Tibetan amber, and built around it. The seeds are also from Tibet, and the gold sticks were created in Greece. This is a perfect necklace for an individual who likes statement neckwear, and wants it to be light-weight. This is as light as a feather, and yet”speaks loudly” with power.

17.5 inches;  (This piece was just SOLD to a wonderful abstract painter from Connecticut who visited and loved Tibet. My neckart has a great home!)

I was stunned!

$235 (Web discount $190)

I was stunned to see how absolutely gorgeous my neck art looked on some pretty hot looking outfits from Petunia’s of Naples at a fashion show yesterday.  Usually someone buys a piece and goes home with it and I never get to see the necklace with the outfit it was bought for.  Wow!  Here’s a close-up photo of the necklace, and here it is on the model.