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My home, My studio

My home is my inspiration and my inspiration is my home. It greets me every morning, and I’m happy to look around and see the semetry of the artistic collage that is my living space. Shape and color put peace in my mind, and I’m ready to create. My life sings in this environment, and bring tears as well as smiles because of the intence joy it brings my soul. I need it to relax, and to enhance my next artistic project.

2 responses to “My home, My studio

  1. Theanne

    We have to have an environment that calls us to creativity!

    • Hi Theanne
      I think our living space is the first piece of art work we have to create when we move into a new home. All the rest is the frosting. I have to be in high energy surroundings in order to feel stimulated to create. Thanks for “getting it”, and for corresponding.

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