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Sea Scape

I love it, that the colors I’ve been using FOREVER are now fashion statements that I’ve always been attracted too!  All the primary colors separately and together are visible in store windows, living spaces and everywhere in between. They stand for high energy, and the only place they were used up until now and sporadically throughout fashion history was in fast food chains, team colors and the like. This necklace goes perfectly with any of the primary colors, and produces high impact to the viewer. It doesn’t spell out relaxation, but rather excitment and youthfulness. The coral is dyed to an almost florescent blue. This paired with silver, and the gloss of the Abalone shell is natural bling.

(This piece was just SOLD on April 11th. It’s new owner , being from Northern California, Loved the combination of the natural beauty of the Pacific Abalone juxtaposed with the outrageouly dyed blue of the coral branches. She looks great in it)

One response to “Sea Scape

  1. Theanne

    primary colors are a feast for the eyes…as is this piece of “bling” you’ve created!

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